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I am passionate about providing high quality healthcare paying attention to the details, by providing an in-depth process so you can obtain optimal health.  Spending the time and providing you with the tools to maintain your health into the future. Your health can be complex and a lot of chronic conditions are multifactorial. My approach is gentle and takes into consideration all factors and is a collaboration with you to get the best health outcomes

herbal tea in a bowl lavender and chamomile

Healing starts when...

you can bring awareness to a situation, condition, habit or belief. Observing oneself with an awareness, with no judgement is profoundly powerful,  allowing for action and change without resistance, it leads to powerful health outcomes.


The vision I have for your health, is to provide a understanding of what is happening and what we can work on to change the body's function back to balance, learning how to keep it there and empowering you to be able to maintain it by providing you with knowledge, tools and strategies to do so.

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