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Blue Mountains Naturopath

ND. Dip Nut. Dip Bot Med. Dip Hom DRM. Fellow ATMS

My passion is to provide support and insight into your health journey. Working on physical, emotional and mental  wellbeing to optimize your health by taking the time to understand your health care needs. Specializing in anxiety, mental health, neurology, sleep and immune dysregulation, digestion and hormones. Looking after the carers, parents, care providers, physical and mental exhaustion and burn out.


Naturopathy looks at your whole health. Mental, emotional and physical health, including lifestyle and belief systems. We use herbal medicines, nutrition, nutritional supplements therapeutically. Matched with a thorough understanding of the biochemistry, physiology and pathophysiology of the body. Keeping up to date with science is my passion, using pathology testing and thorough skilled case taking to monitor your progress.  Understanding that listening to you as you know your body better than anyone else and that you as a unique individual  require  health care be tailored specifically to you.

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Melinda is a qualified naturopath and has been for over 25years. Working closely with other healthcare professionals as a practitioner and as an educator. Working closely with GPs, specialists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals over the years. She understands the benefits of a collaborative integrative approach. Using a holistic evidence-based approach to address any health concerns. She is passionate about teaching you the skills and tools to maintain your physical health as well as your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Melinda has had her own health challenges suffering migraines and autoimmune issues, where no one really provided guidance and answers, which has led to the path to discover holistic health which she is passionate about sharing with you so you can live your best life. Melinda uses nutrition, herbal medicines, nutraceuticals, homeopathic and evidence-based EFT energy psychology to treat acute symptoms and the root cause of chronic disease.

Understanding that it takes time to unpack the whole health picture to make sure you are getting the very best healthcare.  Focusing on the detail and taking time to listen.

"I went to see Melinda with a condition that no western medicine, physiotherapy or acupuncture could fix. Melinda took time to listen to me about my health issues and asked to see my latest blood test results. Within two weeks of taking the supplements she recommended, I was feeling better. Melinda has a solid scientific understanding of biochemistry and nutrition. She is sympathetic and will find flexible ways to manage health depending on her clients' lifestyle."



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0480 388 040

Hazelbrook Blue Mountains NSW Australia

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Monday, Thursday Friday: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 8.30am - 12.30pm
​Sunday: Closed


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Dawn Mills

She helped me recover from long covid and rebuild my health and fitness so that I could complete a 6-day trek, which I had lost all hope of ever achieving.

Chandu Bickford

Melinda Brazier is an exceptional natural health practitioner. Her knowledge, skills and professionalism are matched only by her deep sense of care.
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